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Writing Tutoring Questionnaire  
Teacher Name  
Student Name  
1. Which statement applies to you?  
  I am this child's only writing teacher.
  There is a specialist who assists me.
  How often does the specialist see this student?

  Do you plan together?
  What is the specialist's role?
  to give mini-lessons to the entire class as needed
  to work with individual / small groups for re-teaching and reinforcement
  to provide support for EC/504 students

2. Which mode are you currently working on? (for example - narrative, expository, persuasive)

3. Do you use a particular curriculum / program for teaching writing (Write From the Start, etc) and if so, what is it? If not, how do you decide which skills to address and when?  

4. What type of planning (pre-writing) do you require from your students? If you use a graphic organizer, can we have a copy of a blank organizer for tutoring purposes?

5. Are students allowed to complete writing assignments at home?  
6. What do you see as this student's writing strengths?  
7. What do you see as this student's writing weaknesses?  
8. What is the next writing assignment / deadline for this student?  

9. In what area of the writing curriculum, or assessment of the curriculum, does this student seem to be having the most trouble?  
10. Ideally, what help would you like the tutor at Sloan Academics to provide?
Additional Comments