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Multisensory Language Therapy

If your child is struggling to meet classroom reading expectations and has been diagnosed with a learning disability, our tutors trained in Multisensory Language Therapy can help. This type of tutoring uses approaches, techniques, materials, and lesson plans that help students with dyslexia improve phonemic awareness and build reading skills. Strategies and materials are drawn from Barton, Orton and Wilson.

Tutoring for dyslexia usually takes six months to three years to achieve the desired results.

Multisensory Language Therapy is available on a monthly plan at a minimum of two sessions per week. This type of tutoring is not offered on a a drop-in basis. All sessions are 55 minutes.

Please visit our Forms/Links page for a printable Elementary or Middle School flyer.

Registration Fee - $100
2x/week - $60 per session

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