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Learning Strategies

If your child has been diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or a learning disability and seems to continually experience difficulties with organization, time-management, memorization, or developing effective strategies for dealing with academic demands, Learning Strategies tutoring can help. This type of tutoring is also effective in helping students who have not been diagnosed, but still seem to have consistent and chronic difficulty managing their academic load and developing effective study habits.

Learning Strategies tutoring is an 8-session course. Course goals will be tailored to each child's needs. Course content usually includes a selection of the following skills: time-management, materials management and organization, textbook reading comprehension, notetaking, test-taking, and study habits. All sessions are 55 minutes long.

Once the course is completed, parents may sign up for additional sessions as needed to brush up on skills or manage an academic crisis.

Please visit our Forms/Links page for a printable flyer of the tutoring agreement.

Registration Fee - $100
$50 per session - 8-session minimum

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