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Psychological Testing

We offer diagnostic testing to identify learning disabilities and/or other conditions that impact learning, such as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Typically, our evaluations include one or more interviews with the parents, IQ and achievement testing with the student, and behavioral questionnaires that are completed by parents and teachers. After the testing, parents meet with the psychologist to discuss the evaluation results and recommendations. After that meeting, a comprehensive evaluation report will be written and mailed to the parents. Additionally, the psychologist will accompany parents to a school meeting to discuss how to help their child experience more success in the classroom at no additional charge. The cost of our assessments depends on the age of your child, and to some extent on the particulars of your situation, but the following prices would be typical:

1st grade through 3rd grade $1,100
4th through 5th grade $1,300
6th through 8th grade $1,500
9th through 12th grade $1,800
Above 12th grade $2,200

Please call our office manager to discuss the evaluation process in more detail and to schedule an appointment.

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