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Reading Remediation Tutoring Review  
Student Name  
Please write "N/A" in the comment box for any feedback that seems irrelevant to your current tutoring situation. Please consider all tutoring sessions that have occurred since the last time you completed a review
Comment about the reading level and measurement at start of tutoring (for example - reading at 5/6 on reading recovery scale). Please explain how we obtained the measurement.
Comment about the reading level and measurement at time of this review.  
The student needs work in / is working on:  
Phonemic awareness - (comment)
Sight words - (comment)
Fluency - (comment)
Comprehension - (comment)
This student is making progress increasing reading skills.  

Tutor Recommendations. (check all that apply)
  We should continue tutoring as scheduled.
We need to increase tutoring to 2x/week.
We need to decrease tutoring to 1x/week.
We should consider stopping the tutoring.
This student needs a different type of tutoring.
This student needs additional support for homework.
I need a meeting with parents / Ed. Director.