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Specialized Tutoring Review  
Student Name  
Please write "N/A" in the comment box for any feedback that seems irrelevant to your current tutoring situation. Please consider all tutoring sessions that have occurred since the last time you completed a review
Comment about WADE/Gallistel-Ellis scores for tutoring placement.
Comment about current skills you are working on during tutoring.  
Comment about progress made since last review.  
Comment about areas of struggle since last review.  
Comment about any WADE/Gallistel-Ellis testing done to measure progress since last review.  
Comment about additional needs you have identified through tutoring that cannot be met by this type of tutoring. Include recommenations for accommodations, modifications, and or additional support if you have any.  
Tutor Recommendations. (check all that apply)
  We should continue tutoring as scheduled.
We should consider stopping the tutoring.
This student needs a different type of tutoring.
This student needs additional homework support.
I need a meeting with parents / Ed. Director.

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