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We offer tutoring in any subject from kindergarten through high school. Subject Area tutoring can address any or all of the problems that are keeping your student from being successful.

We can also develop an enrichment program for the child whose parents would like them to get ahead or have an opportunity to work on more challenging material in a supportive, confidence building, one-on-one setting.

We welcome and prefer feedback from your child's teacher to help develop an appropriate tutoring plan. Parents may supply report cards, test scores, or information from teacher conferences or we can arrange to request feedback by e-mail or school visit if necessary.

Subject Area tutoring is available on a monthly plan once or twice a week. If your child does not need on-going help on a monthly basis, we also offer Subject Area tutoring on a drop-in basis. All sessions are 55 minutes long.

Please visit our Forms/Links page for a printable Elementary, Middle or High School flyer.

Registration Fee - $100
$50 per session
$55 per drop-in session

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