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Your Child

Maybe you and your child are battling over homework. Or perhaps you're wondering if you've overlooked something that is causing your child to struggle - a processing difficulty, a learning disability, an attentional disorder, or an emotional problem. You're not sure why school has to be such a struggle, but you want to get to the bottom of it and get moving in a positive direction. You're tired of fighting with your child. You want to have more enjoyable, quality time together.

Few things can cause as much anxiety for children as performing poorly at school. Peers laugh. Parents argue, and teachers feel ineffective. But the children themselves rarely know how to turn things around on their own. They need help, and most of them desperately want that help, if it can be offered in a manner that is calm, confident, firm, and emotionally supportive. At Sloan Academics, we take time to listen carefully to your child and to understand how things feel from his or her point of view.

We know that effective learning takes time and can't be rushed. Yet we also know how to make the most of each moment we spend with your child. Everything we do, from arranging our workspace, to assessing your child's strengths and weaknesses, to teaching the specific skills your child needs, to communicating with your child's teacher, is designed to maximize the efficiency of your child's learning while simultaneously helping your child feel understood and accepted for who he or she is.